Hello World

Hello World!  This is probably my third or fourth attempt to start a blog of my very own, and hopefully this time around I’ll actually try to make some good attempts to break away from my work and various side projects to commit to writing some entries that will hopefully be useful and helpful to someone somewhere out there in this world.  And at the very least it’ll be a place to post possible solutions that I can come back to at a later time and use as a reference.  You know those rare problems you find yourself in and after much research you have a eureka moment and solve the answer to life’s little riddle.  Only to run into that same rare problem a year or two later down the road, remembering that you did at one point already solve the problem but not quite remembering what you did to solve it….

I can’t promise to be a dedicated  and avid writer, truth be told I’d much rather be hacking away at some creation or project without ever even needing to see the light of day (wouldn’t all of us developers out there?) or spending my time with the family.  And I can’t even promise that this blog attempt number X will go beyond this initial posting.   Actually I’m not even really sure what direction I intended this paragraph to head… I guess all that I can really hope for is that I’ll be a more than a once a year poster.

Well reader, here’s to the journey ahead.  May it be fun filled with lots of learning experiences.

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    • Thanks Hendrik! When are you going to go for a swim across the pond and come and visit? Erin and me are thinking about maybe coming to visit Amsterdam for New Years… of course that’s all dependent on if we can get a baby sitter.

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