Razor Mediator Version 1.1 Released

I am happy to announce that the Razor Mediator version 1.1 has been submitted to SDL to be updated on SDL Tridion World. In the meantime, you can grab the v1.1 installer at its Google Code project site. So what exactly has been updated since version 1.0?


Just like the other Tridion items that have been wrapped in Model classes, the Keyword class has finally been wrapped as well.  This means you can easily access a Keyword’s metadata just like the other objects as well.


All fields that would normally return a KeywordField will now return a KeywordModel (or List<KeywordModel> for multi-valued fields).  The @Models.GetKeyword(string) method also returns a KeywordModel.

GetComponentPresentationsBySchema(string schemaName)

A new utility method has been added to the base template class to allow you to easily grab all Component Presentations filtered by the component’s schema title.

@foreach (var cp in GetComponentPresentationsBySchema("Article Schema")) {


This feature was listed in version 1.0 but wasn’t actually used.  All calls to the @Package property was really just returning the Tridion Package instance.  So, what exactly can you do with DynamicPackage?  You can easily grab package items and parameter values in your templates using dot notation.  For backwards compatibility, GetByName(string name), GetByType(ContentType type), and GetValue(string name).  The following would all work assuming there was either a package item of a string type named “ItemName” or a parameter field with xml name of “ItemName”.


And some fixes…

Besides the several new features, some fixes were also added.  For a complete list of fixes, feel free to check out the Change Log page.  If you come across more issues, please let me know so that I can get them fixed ASAP. And if you have some cool ideas for possible features that you want to see in the Razor Mediator, shoot them over as well.

What’s Next?

I’m planning on putting an easy way to extend your Razor templates using reusable helper methods and functions.  So look forward to version 1.2 coming out sometime in the hopefully near future, as well as another blog post to show you examples of creating helper methods in your current templates!

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