Razor Mediator Version 1.3.1 Released

The next version of the Razor Mediator, version 1.3.1, is now up and ready to be downloaded at its Google Code site, and its updated documentation can be found here. This update includes mainly fixes for issues reported, though it does include a couple of new (or features that were missing) features as well. If after upgrading to version 1.3 and you have been receiving errors while attempting to do imports from the configuration, this may be the release for you!

Fixes for Imports

As mentioned, version 1.3 caused some issues when trying to use the new Where Used functionality along with global imports from the configuration. Errors included messages similar to “tcm:0-234-2048 does not exist”.

Fixes to Documentation

Thanks to Robert Curlette for supplying documentation that removed the smart quotes from the code samples in the documentation. The new version of the documentation and forward will be based off of his ascii documentation.

Non-Cache DynamicPackage

Thanks to Dominic Cronin for supplying a patch for the DynamicPackage to make it not cache the package’s values. This will ensure you don’t run into issues if the context of those package items gets changed during the razor’s scope.

Indexes for DynamicItemFields and DynamicPackage

You can now access fields for ItemFields and for the Package using indexers. This can help when creating generic templates, or when working with package items that contain dots in the item names.


GetFields and GetFieldNames

Also to assist with the creation of making generic templates, DynamicItemFields now has a GetFields() and a GetFieldNames() method. GetFieldNames() returns an array of strings containing the field names, while GetFields() returns the underlying Dictionary<string, object> that represents the ItemFields.

@foreach (string name in @Fields.GetFieldNames()) {
    <span><strong>@name</strong>: @Fields[name]</span>

// var field is of type KeyValuePair<string, object>
@foreach (var field in @Fields.GetFields()) {
    <span><strong>@field.Key</strong>: @field.Value</span>

Fix to IsSiteEditEnabled

The IsSiteEditEnabled property would throw an error when working with a Publication Target that never had its Site Edit enabled or disabled yet. This is now fixed.

ParentKeywords and RelatedKeywords

These properties have been added to the KeywordModel, and both return a List of KeywordModel’s.

@foreach (var kw in @Fields.SomeKeyword.ParentKeywords) {

Thanks again to everyone who has been posting suggestions, issues, and fixes. Special thanks to Robert Curlette who has been the guinea pig for most of these updates!

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