Tridion Area51 Notifications

If you haven’t yet signed up to commit to the dedicated Tridion StackExchange site and are interested in supporting it, you should do that now. You can read more about the goals we need to reach in my previous post.

If you are interested in getting notifications and updates regarding the status of the dedicated Tridion site, a fellow Tridionaught, Chris Summers, is putting together an e-mail list. You can sign up for it over on the Tridion Developer site.

We are getting closer! In my last post, we were at 75% of the commitment score goal and needed 4 more people committed who had 200 rep on any of the sites. Today as of this post, we have the 100 people with 200 rep required, and are at 84% of reaching the commitment goal. Nice work everyone!

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