Checking If An Item Is In Workflow With Core Service

During your quest of making custom applications using Tridion’s Core Service API, you may have come across the need to check whether or not an item is currently in a Workflow Process. Luckily, unlike some other tasks you may need to do with the Core Service API, this task is easily done by checking the WorkflowInfo property that is included in the PageData and ComponentData classes.

// Open a page in Core Service.
PageData page = client.Read(yourPageUri, new ReadOptions()) as PageData;

if (page.WorkflowInfo != null)
    // Ladies and gentlemen, WorkflowInfo property was not null, this page is in workflow
    // WorkflowInfo property is null, the page is not in workflow

Great, but now that you know that your item is in workflow, you’ll probably be wanting to grab some Workflow related items. The good news is, the WorkflowInfo class contains most of the data you’ll need to interact with the Workflow for that item. Here are some common things you’ll probably do with this property:

// Get the ProcessInstanceData from the WorkflowInfo property
ProcessInstanceData processInstance = 
    (ProcessInstanceData)client.Read(page.WorkflowInfo.ProcessInstance.IdRef, null);

// Get the ProcessDefinitionData from the process instnace
ProcessDefinitionData processDefinition =
    (ProcessDefinitionData)client.Read(processInstance.ProcessDefinition.IdRef, null);

// Getting the ActivityInstanceData from the WorkflowInfo property...
ActivityInstanceData activityInstance = 
    (ActivityInstanceData)client.Read(page.WorkflowInfo.ActivityInstance.IdRef, null);

// Get the ActivityDefinitionData from the activity instance
ActivityDefinitionData activityDefinition =
    (ActivityDefinitionData)client.Read(activityInstance.ActivityDefinition.IdRef, null);

// Note that if you only wanted to get the ActivityDefinition's Description, you can get that from the WorkflowInfo's ActivityDefinitionDescription property.
if (page.WorkflowInfo.ActivityDefinitionDescription.Equals(activityDefinition.Description))
    // true of course...

// Check how long its been since the activity was started...
if (page.WorkflowInfo.StartDate.HasValue)
    TimeSpan timeSinceStart = DateTime.Now - page.WorkflowInfo.StartDate.Value;

Other Useful Properties of WorkflowInfo

Here are the other properties of WorkflowInfo that wasn’t included in the samples above:

ActivityState: The enum value of the activity’s current state.
Assignee: The Link<TrusteeData> of the assignee.
CreationDate: The Nullable<DateTime> that the activity was created.
FinishDate: The Nullable<DateTime> that the previsou activity instance was finished.
Performer: The Link<UserData> of the activity’s performer.
PreviousMessage: The FinishMessage of the previous Activity.

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