Crocodoc .NET API Out Of Beta

My colleague Frank Taylor and I are happy to announce that Crocodoc v1.0 for .NET is now out of Beta testing and can be downloaded from its Google Code site. Thanks to everyone who has participated in the 1.0 Beta testing and who has provided feedback or reported any issues.

And for those who may be reading this article wondering what this .NET library is for, check out my previous blog post about its beta release, Frank’s blog entry, or even the Crocodoc site itself.

Besides fixes, only one (overloaded) method has been added to this release. While the previous CrocodocDocument.Upload(string filePath) allowed you to specify a complete file path for you to upload, the method CrocodocDocument.Upload(string fileName, byte[] binary) allows you to upload a document’s byte array directly. This could be useful for when uploading files not from the file system, but say a database or content management system.

Please continue to either contact Frank or myself with any feedback, suggestions, or further issues found. And happy document embedding everyone!

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