Razor Mediator Version 1.3.3 Released – Operation Memory Leak Blues

I’ve been slacking in my blog writings as of lately, but hey, I have a pretty good reason for that.  As of May 26th, I am married to my best friend and love of my life, Erin Churchill (now Erin Klock of course).  With work, wedding planning, and a honeymoon trip, finding time to write and to work on side projects was hard.  With that said though, I am pleased to announce the latest release of the Razor Mediator (which as usual can be found at its Google Code Site).

Before I go into what this release fixes (as if you couldn’t tell by the title), I would like to give a special thanks to Dominic Cronin, who not only took charge of this release while I was in Hawaii, but also dug in and found the fix as well (which in turn made my wife happy as I wasn’t under some palm tree working on my laptop, which I shamefully admit to bringing). Also a thanks to Andreas Johansson for testing and optimizing the code a bit more, and to Robert Curlette for also thoroughly testing the updates. If you are one of the ones who’s issue is resolved by this release, you should give a shout out to these guys.

This version solves a memory leak issue that some projects have been experiencing on the publishing server. It removes the expiring cache times that previous versions had, so the only times that your templates are recompiled is when A.) you update them or B.) you update one of the using imports (which now uses the Where Used functionality added in version 1.3 to track down where the imports are used). The latter will only work when you have enabled the Where Used capabilities in the configuration (enabled by default). If for some reason you are not using this feature, then all templates are removed from cache when you make any razor template update. Also a major culprit was an event delegate that Dominic tracked down that wasn’t getting detached. As an extra benefit of this fix, you should now see publishing times increased as well.

Again, many thanks to these guys for their help, and to everyone who has so far given feedback, reported issues, and made suggestions. The Razor Mediator wouldn’t have gotten this far without you guys.

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