Content Bloom Global Summit 2014

Content Bloom Sign

Our sign outside of our Halifax location

This past week has been such an extraordinary week with the rest of the Bloomers at the Content Bloom Global Summit, our annual company event. While last year they held the event in the charming Belgium spot, this year was hosted at the beautiful Halifax location in Nova Scotia. The events were a week long experience, arriving on Sunday and leaving the following Sunday, filled with socializing, team bonding, training, presentations, workshops, demos, and just great fun. Every person got to give a couple of presentations that they specialize in, and the group itself was very active in participating and asking questions. And with a group like Content Bloom, many great questions and conversations were had for each presentation!

Group photo at Peggy's Cove!

Group photo at Peggy’s Cove!

This year’s topics included Tridion Templating, DD4T, Media Manager, Advanced Tridion Architectures, TCDL, Event System, Core Service API Usage, Workflow, and other cool Tridion items. Other presentations included advanced .NET and Java development, Java for .NET guys, front end development, and overviews of the company and its processes in general.

Rob himself talking about Tridion's TCDL tags at the Halifax office.

Rob himself talking about Tridion’s TCDL tags at the Halifax office.

An outdoor presentation by Primmer on Tridion Workflow after a rocky coastline hike! He was threatened to be thrown in if the presentation sucked.

An outdoor presentation by Primmer on Tridion Workflow after a rocky coastline hike! He was threatened to be thrown in if the presentation sucked.

But of course the week wasn’t just about learning, it was getting to know one another and seeing each other face to face. Our evenings were spent going on runs through hilly forests, going on hikes, diving into lakes and freezing cold ocean waters, exploring the local sites and scenery, beach lounging, barbecuing at Nick’s house, and of course being the group that we are, much much pub crawling! There was also some climbing up something they call The Wave, a concrete sculpture that just beckons you to reach the top of it (even though there are signs saying not to climb). I’m sure it was a hilarious sight for any passerby, a large group in the middle of a slightly drizzly night running up a concrete slope and nearly breaking their necks as they slipped and came tumbling back down. I also attempted to skateboard (or long board?) for the first time ever, which resulted in me doing the splits and learning how not to stop yourself while speeding up down a hill.

Some much needed relaxation on a beach after an intense week of presentations and training!

Some much needed relaxation on a beach after an intense week of presentations and training!

Much thanks to John, Nick, Miles and Oksana for organizing and running the event! It was an incredible experience of a week and an honor to be among such a talented and fun group of peers!

Our last night of the summit at "Your Father's Moustache"

Our last night of the summit at “Your Father’s Moustache”

Back From The Dead

Hello dear friends and fellow Tridionaughts! Too long has it been since my last post, update, and involvement in my beloved Tridion community. But hopefully this post will be the first of many more to come as I crawl forth back from the dead, not as a flesh and brain eating zombie (but how cool would that be right? well… maybe not…), but optimistically as a once again involved blogger and Tridionaught. A lot has happened in my life since my disappearance, but most important of which was the birth of my beautiful daughter Lillian on April 19th. My army of mini-me developers will soon be a reality!

And a farewell to colleagues…

It’s with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to my colleagues and friends at Tahzoo as I travel wide eyed down the road to new and exciting adventures. Leaving behind something that I was a part of for four years was no easy decision, for it was a joy and pleasure to work along side my colleagues who’ve became great friends to me.

And a hello to the new…

With excitement I now say hello and greetings to my new colleagues and family at Content Bloom, a company started and created for similar beliefs and values that I hold myself by fellow Tridionaughts and MVP’s John Winter and Nickoli Roussakov. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and talk to John and Nick, as well as some of the other Bloomers, and I am thrilled to be working along side such fellow tech enthusiasts.

I hope to fuel the fires of creativity and innovation with such a company that has the passion and commitment to both technology and the client. Will that mean more blog posts for the Tridion community? Or maybe the birth of Razor Mediator 2.0? Maybe even finishing up some of the blog posts that I’ve started and never got around to wrapping up and publishing.


And We Are Back

Hi readers!  I just wanted to apologize for this site being down for so long.  I’ve finally got my butt in gear and moved Coded Weapon to its own hosting site rather than trying to be cheap and hosting it on my personal sandbox development server (which has long ran out of disk space, hence the site going down!)

Mad Scientist Mode…

Once in a blue moon, I slip away into a mad scientist mode where I hide in the dark corners of the abyss hacking away at the various experiments and side projects that have been piling up.  Unfortunately during these time periods, I just can’t seem to find the time to write posts (or keep up to date deleting the hundreds of spam comments that forever seem to stack up trying to sell me backlinking, marketing and porn).  I’ll hopefully start to keep up to date on these blog articles once this mad scientist mode is over (been learning some new technologies, as well as working on a game which I hope I’ll be able to give you some updates on).  Also hopefully soon to come will be an update on the next version of the Razor Mediator.

Thought I’d just share this in case anyone was wondering if I’ve fallen off the edge of the Earth…

Hello World

Hello World!  This is probably my third or fourth attempt to start a blog of my very own, and hopefully this time around I’ll actually try to make some good attempts to break away from my work and various side projects to commit to writing some entries that will hopefully be useful and helpful to someone somewhere out there in this world.  And at the very least it’ll be a place to post possible solutions that I can come back to at a later time and use as a reference.  You know those rare problems you find yourself in and after much research you have a eureka moment and solve the answer to life’s little riddle.  Only to run into that same rare problem a year or two later down the road, remembering that you did at one point already solve the problem but not quite remembering what you did to solve it….

I can’t promise to be a dedicated  and avid writer, truth be told I’d much rather be hacking away at some creation or project without ever even needing to see the light of day (wouldn’t all of us developers out there?) or spending my time with the family.  And I can’t even promise that this blog attempt number X will go beyond this initial posting.   Actually I’m not even really sure what direction I intended this paragraph to head… I guess all that I can really hope for is that I’ll be a more than a once a year poster.

Well reader, here’s to the journey ahead.  May it be fun filled with lots of learning experiences.