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My name is Alexander Klock, and I am a Technical Manager for a really great company called Content Bloom. Most of my daily adventures revolve around the conquering and taming of the great and mysterious Tridion Beast for clients. I love to dabble in various technologies, though my real passion and hobby is game design and development. Or just creating applications in general. My hard drive is filled with countless projects and experiments that cry and scream to be unleashed upon the world.

When I’m not working or in mad scientist mode, I am a family man at home, with my loving and supporting wife Erin, my awesome little 3 year old dude Logan, and my beautiful 3 month old daughter. When the kids were still in the womb, I would read out loud programming manuals, Tridion documentation, and technical blogs from my iPad. Wonder if they’ll take after their old man? (And their Grandpa too!)


In a time long forgotten called “highschool”, I was introduced to a lovely little language called Pascal. Almost immediately I started to ignore my assignments and started building text based games. Although it was a lot of fun, I couldn’t see myself sitting behind a computer all day, so I didn’t pursue that path. I wonder what young immature me would think if he could see me today.

Years later, my desire to create lead me to learning PHP and MySQL to start developing browser based games. I got hired with Lilbuda Creations as a lead programmer to develop a sci-fi rpg named Evolution Sphere (kudos to you reader if you’ve played it while it lived!). After writing thousands upon thousands upon thousands of some god awful code (though it was the writing and maintaining of that god awful code that has made me the programmer I am today), I went back to college to get my IT degree (and where I learned Java and met Erin).

Right after college I was picked up by a company called Indivirtual, where I was thrown at the mercy of the Tridion Beast. And I haven’t seem to be able to escape its clutches since… after Indivirtual I worked with a company called Tahzoo for four years where I honed my skills even further. And finally I landed home at Content Bloom.

4 thoughts on “Profile

  1. Hello,

    I recently found your Crocodoc C# API. It would be helpful to me if it were a nuget package and had some website examples for displaying documents. I am willing to do the work to set the continuous integration server to make the Nuget package and to make a sample website. Would you mind if I took what you started and worked on it? Ideally it could be on Github so there could be some community collaboration. They are moving to what they call the “view” api later this year so much of the existing code will eventually be deprecated. I would love to add that to this project so it can support both the existing crocodoc api along with the new view api –

    Feel free to give me a call or email back. My cell is 304-692-2881.

    PS – I am just a guy who works at a University. I need this for our learning management system but figured others would benefit from having your awesome work more accessible.


  2. Hi Alex,

    Per your Razor Mediator templating –

    I have looked at the installation directions in the documentation, but I do not see where exactly to run and install the .msi

    All I can see from the documentation is ‘Installation is simple, just run the RazorMediatorInstaller.msi installer file on the Tridion CMS Server.’ – but where exactly on my CM server do I run the installer?

    Drive:\Tridion ? (In the root of the Tridion installation?)

    Please let me know bc I have used Razor in the past on previous projects and love it! I am introducing it to a new client, but unfortunately, I have never installed it before.. Any insight is greatly appreciated Alex.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Andrew!

      You can put that msi file anywhere on the server that Tridion is installed and either double click it or right click and select Install. It’ll ask you for an install location (defaults to the Tridion install location) but that’s not so important as what it’s really doing is adding libraries to the GAC and updating the Tridion.ContentManager.config file for you.

      Hope that helps!

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