Tridion Area51 Notifications

If you haven’t yet signed up to commit to the dedicated Tridion StackExchange site and are interested in supporting it, you should do that now. You can read more about the goals we need to reach in my previous post.

If you are interested in getting notifications and updates regarding the status of the dedicated Tridion site, a fellow Tridionaught, Chris Summers, is putting together an e-mail list. You can sign up for it over on the Tridion Developer site.

We are getting closer! In my last post, we were at 75% of the commitment score goal and needed 4 more people committed who had 200 rep on any of the sites. Today as of this post, we have the 100 people with 200 rep required, and are at 84% of reaching the commitment goal. Nice work everyone!

Tridion Area 51 Site Proposal

When I first started with Tridion, I remember wishing that there was more places than just the forums to look for information and help on Tridion (and maybe it was just my own greenness that overlooked anything that was actually out there beyond the forums during that time). Today its a different case, do a quick Google search for what you are looking for and you should come across Tridion related blogs and Q&A sites. One of those Q&A sites you’ve most likely stumbled upon is the Stack Overflow site and the Tridion tag. And if you haven’t heard, there’s a proposal for a dedicated Tridion site in the StackExchange system (you know, that Area 51 banner you see on most of the Tridion blogs and various posts and comments asking for your help by committing to the site?). That’s right, a dedicated StackExchange just for SDL Tridion where you can go to get help on your Tridion related questions. At the time of this writing, our commitment stats to reach our goals for this site look like:

Commitment Goals for Tridion Area 51

Currently we’re in our Commitment goal, which means before the site is even created, StackExchange needs to know that the site will have enough people that will be using it. The first goal, having 200 committers in total, has been reached (with a total of 251 so far!). The second goal, having 100 of those committers that have a total reputation score of 200 or more on any Stack Exchange site, we are just around the corner of reaching with a total of 96 (just 4 more to go!). The third goal is the tricky one, the committment score. This score is calculated based on all the users’ reputation and activeness on other sites. There’s also a decay factor involved, meaning that you should revisit the Area 51 page once in awhile to renew your vote.

What can I do to help?

  • If you have not done so already, commit to the Tridion Area 51 Site Proposal.
  • If you do not have a reputation of 200 on any of the Stack Exchange sites, try to achieve this. You can gain rep not only by answering questions, but by asking them as well! Start asking, answering and voting on questions and answers on the StackOverflow Tridion Tag.
  • Even if you don’t have anything you want to ask or answer, start voting for the questions and answers that you found useful. This may not increase your rep score, but could push another member’s score and help raise the Commitment Score.
  • Having a rep of 200 or more on multiple sites also helps! Start asking and answering away on other sites that interest you.
  • Don’t let your vote decay! If you haven’t visited the Area 51′s Tridion page in awhile, make sure to login and visit the page!

As a reminder, visit this page to see how the Commitment Score is calculated.

Thanks everyone for your help, and I hope to be seeing you on our own dedicated Tridion site soon!